Mighty Player - Phone-Free Music Streaming

Posted: February 25, 2016
Mighty Player - Phone-Free Music Streaming

Mighty will pump your Spotify playlists on the run. Literally. Also on the bike. On the yoga mat. On the slopes. On the trail. On the bench press. Anywhere you want to stream your music without feeling the heft, pull, and clunkiness of your phone. Or without your phone feeling the sweat, jostling, and emphatic thrusts of its owner on the move.

Mighty both looks and functions a lot like an iPod Shuffle. The tiny square clips to a strap or waistband and starts / stops, skips songs, scrolls, and pumps up / pipes down with push button controls. The differences are: 1) Mighty connects to iPhones and Androids via Bluetooth and syncs Spotify playlists via WiFi; and 2) Mighty syncs Spotify playlists via WiFi. And then plays them back regardless of how far you wander from your phone, and regardless of whether or not you maintain an internet connection.

Listen. Do you hear that? I think it's the sound of Mighty sweet music to our ears.

Transferring music to Mighty is simple with the player's mobile app, which pairs the device to your phone, and then uses the latter as a remote control to complete the process. The Spotify interface you're already familiar with appears on the app when you load and log in (Premium account required), at which point you select Spotify's "Available Offline" button to begin transferring selected playlists for direct storage on Mighty.

Mighty can hold up to 48 hours of Spotify music, and its creators say the WiFi connection to your phone will send over hundreds of songs in a few minutes. Playback time / battery life is currently around 5 hours, but the Mighty team is working to improve this number without increasing the device's size.

If you think this small but mighty music player is a mighty fine idea, head over to Kickstarter and pledge to rock out to your own Mighty through March 23, 2016.

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