Zombie Apocalypse Charm Jewelry

Posted: June 29, 2013
Zombie Apocalypse Charm Jewelry
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My Zombie Apocalypse plan is to collect things like hand grenades and hacksaws and tins of beans, and then collect them all in miniature charm versions to wear on a bracelet or necklace. Like, so I can show them off handily around town in case the Zombie Apocalypse never comes. I mean, I totally believe it will, because I am a man of faith, but it's kind of frustrating how I just keep accruing all of this weaponry and survival gear and the only opportunity I've ever had to use it is this one time my friend Constantine and I went camping and we thought the rumbling moans and growls outside our tent belonged to a bear so we grabbed our Tactical Tomahawk to fight it and our Tactical Bacon to use as a distraction, but when we opened the flap to charge we saw the noises were just a product of his Toto dog Ezekiel humping a marmot.

Anyway, Etsy vendor PlayBox has fabricated some Zombie Apocalypse charm bracelets and necklaces for immediate display and use. No waiting around for ZDay required. The Zombie Plan bracelet (and necklace) includes silver and brasstone metal, acrylic, and clay resin charms of:

  • Weapons. Assault rifle, shotgun, revolver, hand grenade, bullet.
  • Food & Water. Bottle, canned beans, canned fruit.
  • Tools. Knife, spanner, hammer, pliers, hacksaw, axe.
  • Essentials. Cell phone, radio, binoculars, jerry can, matches, first aid kit, lantern, torch, map, compass (functional).

The Zombie Hunter bracelet includes:

  • Assault Rifles. Bayonet, machine gun, shotgun, hand gun, bullet.
  • Crossbow & arrow.
  • Grenade.
  • Combat knife.
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