The Sound Torch Flaming Bluetooth Speaker

Posted: May 17, 2015
$158 - $165
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We've seen speakers that make light dance and speakers that make water dance, so it's only natural that someone would come up with one that, er, lights a fire under the feet of fire. The Sound Torch is a Bluetooth speaker with real flames that ebb and flow along to the beat of your music.

As a new take on the Pyro Board, the Sound Torch takes the shape of a portable cube filled with lighter fluid and fitted with a Ruben's, or standing wave flame tube running in 2 dimensions. When music plays the sound waves create high and low activity areas that affect the amount of gas able to flow out of the Torch's holes. Of course more gas = more fire, but Sound Torch's creators show in their video how varied the total resultant effect can be as each song generates its own unique pattern of flames.

Like most Bluetooth speakers, the Sound Torch will connect to any compatible audio player. Its built-in battery has around a 12-hour playtime when fully charged, and its fuel reservoir holds enough lighter fluid of 4 hours of pyro dancing.

While the Sound Torch should not be used or left in the unattended company of children under 18, everyone else can pledge for their own speaker of fire on Kickstarter through June 15, 2015.

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