Dragon's Breath Pyro Trick Powder

Posted: September 26, 2016
Dragon's Breath Pyro Trick Powder
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Been looking for the perfect Halloween costume...for your shotgun? I don't think Dragon's Breath Powder (also known as Lycopodium Powder) promotes itself as the ideal filling for 12-gauge ammo, but there's clearly no stopping resourceful minds with too much time on their hands. What the insta-flames do think they're pretty good for is magic tricks, fire breathing and dancing, and high school chemistry presentations. Controlled ones. Conducted by a teacher trained in the art of flammable organic powders.

Seriously dudes, I'm not your mama, and Dragon's Breath is relatively safe to use, but if you like your eyebrows, all your layers of skin, and not being arrested for arson or assault, don't F around with it irresponsibly.

Dragon's Breath Powder is innocuous bottled or clumped in a bowl, but ignites when projected as a fine mist over an open flame. As a trick or spectacle you can use it to create flashes of fire with a lighter or candle by palming the bottle and squeezing to release the powder. Dragon's Breath is also hydrophobic, so it will repel water from the skin and keep your hands or other objects dry during aqua illusions.

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