The Supermagnet

Posted: January 19, 2014
The Supermagnet
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Whoa. The Supermagnet, a 4" diameter, 2" thick neodymium disc, comes with more red alerts than a limo filled with tequila, coke, condomless hookers with herpes, and a blind chauffeur. "WARNING - VERY POWERFUL." "EXTREMELY DANGEROUS MAGNET." Even the videos demonstrating neodymium slabs in action begin with advisories that their contents are not suitable for people under the age of 18. As purveyors of a tremendous 800-pound theoretical maximum pull, I guess the overriding sentiment is that these bad boys can do some bad stuff. Damaging and injurious stuff. Metal-cracking, fire-sparking, bone-crushing stuff.

Obviously I want one.

Luckily for my health insurance provider, my ownership of the Supermagnet is currently prohibited by the Supermagnet's cost.

The pictured N45 neodymium disc is axially magnetized, so its top and bottom faces serve as its north and south poles. It has been nickel-plated with a matte finish.

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