POLAR Modular Magnet Pen

Posted: September 12, 2013
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POLAR. It's a pen. It's a stylus. It's a tool. It's a toy. And it won't even F up your phone and credit cards*! The modular writing implement, made of 12 cylindrical neodymium magnets stacked over a Pilot ink cartridge, provides just as much tinkering entertainment as it does scribbling assistance. Take POLAR apart, flip and bounce its magnets' repellent ends, swap out the ink tip for the stylus' rubber version, slap it on your fridge for safe storage, or try throwing it at the flap of your Trapper Keeper and see if you can get it to stick. Such a simple idea, such endless ways to dick around and miss deadlines.

POLAR comes in Pure Silver and 24 Karat Gold finishes; excluding its magnets, each pen includes 4 steel components: cap; clip; tip; and stylus. All adhere to the magnets due to their nickel and iron content, and because neodymium got voted Most Popular at Rare Earth Minerals Camp this summer.

Pledge for your preferred POLAR pen/stylus model on Kickstarter through October 16, 2013, and check out more cool pens, modular fascinations, and feats of magnetism in Dude's Gift Guides.

*I amended a previous comment/bad joke I made about the POLAR after creator Andrew Gardner posted some feedback about the pen's magnets' non-effect on electronics and magnetized strips below. In short, even if the POLAR touches, rubs elbows, or knocks boots with your computer, cell phone, or VISA card, it will not ruin or alter them in any way.

December 2013 Update: Polar Pens vastly exceeded their crowdfunding goal and are now available for direct purchase--follow the link below.

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