OHEA Self-Making Bed

Posted: June 13, 2012

The desire to own an OHEA Super Bed transcends mere laziness because, I'm sorry, I don't care what kind of draught horse you are, making the bed is an enormous pain in the ass. Think of all the people who trip over themselves and get cricks in their backs and waste 50 seconds of their lives on a daily basis folding hospital corners and heaving unwieldy comforters across mattresses. A self-making bed isn't just a 21st century solution to humans' decreasing willingness to perform manual labor, it's a way to reclaim our lives from the banality of chores that robots can simply do better, and with less profanity.

Spanish designer OHEA has created 5 sizes of its Super Bed, all with mechanized cords and arms that emerge from their platforms to lift pillows, and draw sheets neatly and smoothly from the foot to the head of the mattress. The entire process takes about 50 seconds, and can be activated either manually with a remote control "Go" button, or automatically, with the bed sensing emptiness and beginning the tidying process 3 seconds after a person leaves it. Further explanation of the bed's mechanics can be found here.

OHEA is close to bringing the Super Bed to market, but retailers and pricing have yet to be announced. When available, buyers can choose from the following sizes: 31.5", 35.4", 41.3", 53.1", and 59" x 74.8". Bed sets will include the mechanized frame and mattress, and two complete sets of bedclothes, including two comforters, two bottom sheets, and four small pillowcases. Note that traditional bedding is not compatible with the Super Bed, since its sheets have special Velcro, and its duvet lateral cords that allow the robotic arms to do their mattress magic. Sizing is also different. (Come on, what did you expect? Never making the bed again is a lifestyle choice that comes with certain sacrifices). However, OHEA will also release a line of bedding online, which will include duvet inserts of varying weights for colder months.

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