Traser H3 Translucent Tritium Watch

Posted: March 16, 2016
Traser H3 Translucent Tritium Watch

Plunge into darkness, or dark waters up to 100' deep, without ever losing track of how many minutes it is until Better Call Saul starts with Traser's H3 Translucent Tritium Watch. The Swiss watchmaker so named its time teller for the vials of glowing tritium that illuminate its markers in the blackest of conditions, and for its translucent dial with reflectors, which enables the H3 to light all 12 hashes, plus its hands, with just 4 tubes of the radioactive gas. The reflectors bounce the light between markers to achieve the complete tritium-enhanced effect you see above.

Traser also mounts the H3's hands and markers on the same level as its translucent reflector, so along with being the cleverest, this watch is also one of the thinnest tritium watches on the market. Just 8mm thick.

The H3 has a 39mm stainless steel case covered in mineral glass and a black silicone strap.

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