Radiation Detecting Watch

Posted: April 25, 2013
Radiation Detecting Watch
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Wondering what time it is? Wondering if your face is about to melt off? This tactical Swiss quartz watch with an integrated Geiger-Muller tube has your back. A US military gadget supplier designed the timepiece to measure single-dose gamma ray levels, plus cumulative radiation exposure. The detector keeps tabs on radiation-inflicted tissue damage (called dose equivalents) from 0.0001 to 9999 millisieverts (mSv), as well as the dose equivalent rate up to 4000 microsieverts per hour (�Sv/h). Users can set their own minimum radiation thresholds, and if one is reached, an alarm sounds. It says, "Dude! You're at high risk of becoming a mutant!" The Special Ops implement shows radiation levels both graphically and, as an option, numerically in its electroluminescent backlit digital display.

The Radiation Detecting Watch comes in an ultra-lightweight titanium case covered in anti-reflective sapphire crystal. It is water-resistant up to 330'.

Muchas danke to HiConsumption.

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