Reef Spackler Golf Sandal

Posted: June 20, 2021
Reef Spackler Golf Sandal

Not sure about the flip-flops part, but Reef's Spackler Golf Sandals aren't wrong in suggesting golf and beer go well together. A (very) limited edition release from the brand, the Spackler Golf Sandal builds on Reef's line of Fanning Sandals, the latter named after champion Australian surfer Mick Fanning, and those known, a beloved, for having bottle openers built into their soles.

In addition to cracking beers, the Fanning Spacklers, or Mick Spacklers, have 7 replaceable spikes screwed into their air-bubbled sole to help you crack balls on the golf course. Well...maybe pitch & putt...the driving range...or Top Golf. Not sure how many respected golf courses are going to go for players golfing in flip-flops. Even if you offer to share some beers, and open them with your foot, for them.

Reef hit a hole-in-(a-cold-)one with their initial Spackler Golf Sandal release, selling out immediately. But it appears they're game for playing another round, and at printing the Reef website had a signup available for notification when the Spackler Golf Sandal returns. You can also check Amazon, which carried the crazy cleated bottle opener filp-flops for their short run too. Or get yourself a showy pair of Reef Mulligan II Flip-Flops instead.

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