Pokeboo Packable Rain Boots

Posted: April 03, 2023
Pokeboo Packable Rain Boots
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You checked the weather before you left for your trip / hike / commute, but still, halfway in, the sky yells, Pokeboo! and unleashes a downpour. Good thing you can Pokeboo! right back if you've got your Pokeboo Packable Rain Boots tucked in your bag.

The boots weigh a total of 1.2 pounds, and fold 'n' roll to fit into an included nylon carry sack you can stuff inside luggage or a backpack, or latch onto it with the sack's integrated carabiner. The rain boots have a reinforced, textured rubber sole, and extend up to the knee as a thinner, flexible, nylon-lined rubber upper. At the top is a nylon collar with a drawstring, so you can adjust and tighten the boots to your own leg, and prevent water from sneaking inside from the top.

The Packable Rain Boots come from Japanese industrial gear manufacturer Pokeboo, a brand that won a Good Design Award in 2018 for its "relevance to modern spontaneity." Whoa, what an accolade! I should tell my friend Maurice to put that on his Tinder profile.

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