Flat Socks

Posted: June 16, 2022
Flat Socks
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Uh, they look pretty much like insoles to me, but OK, Flat Socks. They're flat socks if you say so. Some other things Flat Socks says about their "socks" worn by your shoe rather than your foot is that they're "No slip. No stink. No show." Well. I definitely believe the last one, given Flat Socks' ultra-thinness, and the fact that you're still essentially barefoot even when you have them on.

And if Flat Socks says their non-socks are also non-slip, as in they won't slide around inside your footwear, then I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt there too. The undersides of Flat Socks are lined with a "nice grippy surface" the company says provides total traction.

But no stink? My bare foot inside a pair of sneakers, walking around in the summer heat, sweating like an upside down geyser all day, as I tend to do...and no stink? Like, when I remove my naked foot from a Flat Sock-lined shoe, my wife and cat aren't going to start shrieking and gagging and packing a bag to go stay at her parents' for the night? Pssshhh. I'll believe that when I smell it, Flat Socks.

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