Comic Book High Heels

Posted: August 10, 2012
Comic Book High Heels

One thing I would like to learn how to do is cut in a straight line. From there, maybe I can progress to the precise and exacting skills Etsy vendor Tori uses to create her custom Comic Book High Heels from the pages of DC's and Marvel's finest. Probably not, but a dude can dream, right? Buyers get to select both shoe style and the scened and characters their feet will display, either by exchanging a Convo with Tori describing what they are looking for, or by sending in the shoes/comics they want to use (the $95 tag generally includes the pair of shoes; those who send in their own will be charged $70 for the superhero treatment).

Attention all women: Comic Book High Heels + Marvel Comics Bra + Harley Quinn Leggings = H - O - T. Don't listen to anyone who tells you it's a little much, and definitely don't listen to your mom if she tells you you're not leaving the house dressed like that. They don't get it. I get it. And I'm saying thumbs to the up.

High heel turnaround time runs approximately 1 week. Prior to shipping, photos will be taken and emailed to buyers for approval.

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