Modern House Beds for Kids

Posted: January 13, 2022
Modern House Beds for Kids
$123.35 - $704
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BUSYWOOD gives kids beds of their own and homes of their own all in one with this series of beds in modern-style house designs. And I have to admit, I'm jealous. The handmade alder wood frames are unique and standout, without being obnoxious. Minimalist whimsy, if you will. Why don't they come in adult full, queen, and king bed sizes?

BUSYWOOD Beds do come in a handful of different designs. All are low-set to the ground, while some go full Montessori bed, meaning they also eliminate railings, so children have no height or barrier restrictions, and can get in and out of bed completely independently. Other modern house bed styles go full railing, making the furniture kind of a hybrid between a sleep space and playpen.

Based on the images above, all BUSYWOOD Beds are also part jungle gym, with house "walls" and "roofs" ready to be climbed up, crawled through, and swung from.

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