Argo Crib

Posted: August 05, 2019
Argo Crib

Not only is the Argo Crib an architectural masterpiece of a bassinet, Ludwig & Dominique says their collaborative piece with Noir Vif will protect your infant from more than rock-a-bye babying out onto the floor. Made of "carefully combined" walnut and copper, the Argo Crib closes up with a mesh screen to shield mini dudes and ladies from harmful electromagnetic waves.

Huh, and I thought I had all my good night's sleep essentials down. Ludwig, Dominique, can I get an Argo Crib in King-size with a memory foam mattress, good sirs?

For those into Greek mythology, the Argo Crib is named after the ship that protected Jason and the Argonauts as they escaped Colchis with King Aeetes' Golden Fleece (uh, though I'm pretty sure it was Medea, not the ship, that saved them.)

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