Tokables - Smokable Bracelets

Posted: April 21, 2015
Tokables - Smokable Bracelets
$15 - $25
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I meant to post about Tokables herb pipe bracelets for 4/20 yesterday but I got distracted by...um...a fat bud. And some poutine this Canadian brought to the office at around 4:28. Have you ever had poutine? Duuuude. That stuff will cure anything from the munchies to extreme intoxication to I bet even, like, fibromyalgia. Imagine a huge plate of french fries drowning in a huge vat of gravy with huge chunks of cheese curds thrown in as life preservers. Here are some visuals.

Luckily, 4/20 is not the only day one can purchase, or use, a Tokables bracelet. Described as a "well-disguised tobacco pipe" these wrist wraps come in enough woven, beaded, and paracord styles to suit every type of stoner's tastes.

When open the bracelets reveal a screened bowl and small inner plastic tube for packing and hitting. The bowl is removable for cleaning, and Tokables assures its customers that their stealthy smoking experiences will not be marred by discomfort, breakage, or shoddy craftsmanship. These bracelets fit comfortably and have a sturdy build for extended wear and use.

Note that Tokables bracelet purchase is limited to those 18 and older.

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