Sterling Silver Bat Skeleton Necklace

Posted: July 25, 2014
Sterling Silver Bat Skeleton Necklace
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Flowers and diamonds are alright, but if you really want to get laid tonight you'll give her a sterling silver bat skeleton necklace. At least that's what Bruce Wayne told me. Los Angeles designer Stephanie Inagaki calls her recreation of a fruit bat's inner structure an art piece not for the faint of heart. The neck/chest (or back) adornment is the approximate actual size of its organic counterpart, and Inagaki crafted it using a combination of casting and cold forging silver wire by hand.

Bat skeletal highlights include tiny, delicate finger bones, ribs, and leg bones. Its wingspan is about 12" and total height 10". The necklace's silver neck chain is 10" long and the one holding the skeleton in place by looping underneath the wearer's shoulder measures 18".

Note: For those wondering about the girl's fingers, I'm pretty sure the last piece of jewelry she modeled for Inagaki was made of wolf teeth.

Naturally, the sterling silver bat skeleton necklace is a top Dude Gift for Your Bat Shit Crazy Girlfriend pick.

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