Solid Gold Three Skull Ring with Diamond Eyes

Posted: August 23, 2018
Solid Gold Three Skull Ring with Diamond Eyes
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Three Wolf Moon, meet Three Skull Diamond Eyes. This ring from DeMer Jewelry might not be your next solid gold meme, but if you've got the money and the gothic sensibilities, it could be your next solid gold piece of jewelry.

Big, bold, and slightly bizarre - why is one of the skulls, or two if you flip the ring, upside down? - the ring is a larger version of DeMer's Wayward Morte skull ring. It features "revolver" engravings, three 5-pointed stars cut out inside the ring, and a friendly trio of skulls, attached cheekbone to cheekbone, smiling through both animalistic teeth and sparkling diamond eyes.

You can select what color eyes you want each of your skulls to have, as well as a few different colors of gold for the ring itself. Gold by weight is up to 2 ounces of 14K per ring, and 0.36ct of fine cut, natural color, enhanced diamonds.

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