Personalized Glowing Life Bar Pin

Posted: November 09, 2020
Personalized Glowing Life Bar Pin
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Let everyone know how you're faring this year with a Personalized Glowing Life Bar Pin. The horizontal health meters charge up in sunlight, and then glow neon green in the dark at your choice of Full Life, Mostly Alive, or Mostly Dead levels. Get one of each to reflect the ups and downs of life, from fresh and ready to conquer, to barely clinging on (but ready to make one last stand, and go down fighting!)

Glowing Life Bar maker Critical Hit Shop will personalize the pins with any name or other word / phrase you'd like, up to 17 characters. Ever the optimist, I think I'll get a Mostly Dead Life Bar personalized with "Dude 2020," as well as a Full Life...no, let's be realistic and make it a Mostly Alive Life Bar with "Dude 2021."

Personalized Glowing Life Bar Pins will make great gifts for geeks this holiday season, but being handmade and popular, they do have extended delivery times so you'll need to get your orders in early.

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