Knuckle Duster Engagement Rings

Posted: January 18, 2012
Knuckle Duster Engagement Rings
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When you can't remember if Mama said you can't hurry love, or if Mama said knock you out, it's best to cover all bases. These gleaming symbols of betrothal let everyone you encounter know you are blissfully off the market, and if they have a problem with that, you will fuck them up. Kate Bauman's knuckles are set in your choice of sterling silver or brass, and fitted with four, 1-carat cubic zirconia, with custom metal or stone options available by special request. All four rings are made in the same size--either 7, 9, or 11--and Bauman emphasizes that they should fit loosely, like a true knuckle duster. She also emphasizes that she does not support violent applications of her design. We don't either. Unless, of course, the would-be recipient is caught cheating with that smug little hippie from the grocery co-op, in which case it's 'til death, in the form of a Pacquiao-style left hook, do us part.

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