GLD x Marvel Jewelry

Posted: October 06, 2022
GLD x Marvel Jewelry
$99 - $129
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Got drip? Yeah, that's right, I just described the new GLD x Marvel Jewelry collaboration using a Millennial meme combined with Gen Z slang. Because, like Deadpool, that's how groovy and rad I am.

Speaking of Wade Wilson, sadly, GLD has not included a blingy pendant or head of that clever devil in their licensed line of Marvel jewelry. But you can get 18K gold-plated melons of Black Panther, Venom, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Groot, Cyclops, and Beast, and the full bodies of Hulk, Venom, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Professor X. Some iconic MCU superhero accessories, such as Captain America's Shield,Wolverine's Claws, and Thor's Hammer also made the cut.

All GLD x Marvel Jewelry is encrusted in shiny stones of the cubic zirconia variety.

Anyone still stuck on scoring a Deadpool head, maybe check out this interactive one instead.

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