Chess Set in a Ring

Posted: February 22, 2023
Chess Set in a Ring

I lay down my King and resign. Before even beginning a game on Joe Turner's wonderful, but Grandmaster-level, Chess Set in a Ring. Sorry, make that Grandmaster-vision-and-fine-motor-skill-level Chess Set in a Ring. Made for eagle eyes and surgeon hands only. And the latter isn't just so you'll be able to pick up and place the ultra-mini miniature pieces stored inside the ring. Someone is going to have to wear it and hold the board steady throughout the entire duration of play.

Turner calls his handcrafted creation World's Smallest Chess Set "to my knowledge; certainly the world's smallest chess ring." He has no idea what inspired him to make it, and does admit it's probably impossible to play. But what a conversation piece. Straight out of Alice in Wonderland or, like, a chess player's nightmares.

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