3D Animal Earrings

Posted: April 09, 2021
3D Animal Earrings
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Are these 3D animal earrings - 3D in both style and printing - not the most adorable skin skewers you've ever seen? From the cat that looks pissed to be stuck hanging from a lobe, to the narwhal who's wondering why he didn't stop the impalement at his tusk, to the cow fresh off his stint in the Alien Abduction Lamp, Etsy shop Stark Contrasts' line of quirky 3D jewelry is a definite addition to my collection of things that make you go Awww!

The animal earrings are 3D printed in PLA plastic, and then painted and fitted with a stainless steel earring post and backing. All animals, which also include pugs, bunny rabbits, goats, chickens, and foxes, come in a choice of colors, solid or metallic. Stark Contrasts offers custom handpainting options too, for those who, say, want a pair of 3D chicken earrings that look like their own pet chickens.

Love the animal theme, but don't want your favorite fur / feather / horn ball dangling from your ears? Check out Good After Nine's animal rings too.

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