The Beard Bro Beard-Shaping Tool

Posted: January 05, 2016
The Beard Bro Beard-Shaping Tool
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Men, are you tired of spending precious minutes in the morning grooming and edging your perfect specimen of manliness (well, the one on your face anyway) only to end up looking like your 6-year-old shaved you after you fell asleep playing Candy Land? Ladies, are you tired of your men looking like their 6-year-olds shaved them after they fell asleep playing Candy Land? Now that EDGUP has rolled in to deliver a tidy neckline, The Beard Bro would like to spiff up the ones lingering around the jaw and jowls.

The Beard Bro instructions sound pretty simple: "Line it up. Shave over the edge. Perfect lines." It's symmetry, now brought to you by speed and simplicity. The comb-on-a-corner beard-shaping tool works with a razor or clippers, and presents several different shaping choices and styling options with the adjustments of the Beard Bro's curve angle and notch measurements.

The Beard Bro can shape facial hair ranging from full beards to pencil beards to goatees. In addition to the included printed instructions, sculptors have the option of watching an online how-to video prior to use.

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