SteelBee Razor Saver

Posted: September 26, 2019
SteelBee Razor Saver
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The SteelBee Razor Saver asks, "Replacing your blades often?" Why, yes, SteelBee, I do replace them on the regular. But not because they're rusty. Because, um, they're dull, and you're supposed to replace them. Every 5 to 10 shaves, I think.

Still plenty of time for rust to form, though! according to the Razor Saver protective cover. Rust and corrosion that dull the sharp blade quick, and force you to toss them before you'd need to otherwise. SteelBee says today's big blade manufacturers add a rust-resistant film to their blades that keeps them clear until you open the pack, but wears away during your first shave.

The SteelBee Razor Saver "releases a protective vapor shield around your blades, that keeps the steel protected from moisture, which dramatically slows the corrosion process and extends the life of your razor blades." Using the stretchy, slip-on cover, you should be able to get up to 3 times more shaves before your blade cuts out. The SteelBee can also serve as a protective cover for your fingers and other toiletries during travel.

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