SH*T-IN-M'TEETH Toothpicks

Posted: November 19, 2014
SH*T-IN-M'TEETH Toothpicks
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Popcorn. Milk Duds. The kale chips I once ate on a date so the chick would think I'm healthy and open minded that subsequently led her ditch me once little bits of them got stuck in the crevices of my gums and then flew out and hit her in the face every time I laughed at something hilarious I said. This is the SHIT-IN-M'TEETH that requires more than a toothpick to deal with. The SHIT-IN-M'TEETH that necessitates the use of straight up dental excavation tools. The SHIT-IN-M'TEETH that needs a set of SHIT-IN-M'TEETH.

SHIT-IN-M'TEETH is a credit card-sized set of oral hygiene helpers. Created by Erik Noyes to combat "dental damnation", it includes a pick axe, jack hammer, battle axe, sword, missile, some traditional toothpicks for good measure, and a mirror for navigating the extermination effort. The tools will arrive laser-cut for popping out of a piece of die-stamped plastic and the back of the mirror will include SHIT-IN-M'TEETH operation instructions.

Hoping to end the embarrassment and shame of conducting your day with a large hunk of blueberry or extra course grind of pepper lingering in your lateral incisor, Noyes is promoting his SHIT-IN-M'TEETH tools on Kickstarter through January 1, 2015.

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