Rose-Scented Fart Pills

Posted: June 07, 2015
Rose-Scented Fart Pills

One time me and my friend Cornelius were having a philosophical discussion about farts. It went something like this: would you rather continue to anonymously fart farts that smell like something crawled up your butt and died, or fart farts that smell like fresh-baked cookies with the understanding that everyone would recognize fresh-baked cookies as your "scent", and therefore always know exactly when you farted? We ultimately felt like the cookies option was a no-brainer, but in posing the same hypothetical to some girls, were surprised to find that most of them elected to continuing dropping red hot sulfur bombs in order to maintain the illusion that girls don't fart.

Anyway, these rose-scented Fart Perfume Pills from French company Lutin Malin claim to neutralize and deodorize the stench of room-clearing farts "for good!" So if you're on the fresh-baked cookies side of the gas passing Would You Rather? inquiry, here's your chance to get in on a pair of rose-colored glasses for your bung hole! Fart Perfume pills contain charcoal, gelatin, fennel, lithothamne, cocoa, propolis, and probably something that smells like roses. The 60-capsule bottles also come in other scents, including Violette and Chocolate.

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