Remington Cordless Vacuum Self-Haircut Kit

Posted: April 12, 2020
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When it comes to cutting your own hair, Remington really has your back. Well, with their Vacuum Self-Haircut Kit, they mostly have your head and neck, but if you're bushy in the torso area...and lower...I'm sure you could use the cordless clippers to give yourself a trim or raze there too.

The company also makes the Shortcut Pro, another DIY haircut kit I wrote about a couple weeks ago, but the Remington Lithium Power Series Vacuum Haircut Kit might carry a more familiar and comfortable shape for those of you who aren't looking to give yourself a buzz cut, or go full-on bald, just yet. The vacuum feature in these clippers also tidies up the trimming process, as cut hair gets sucked into and stored in the removable bin, rather than free-falling all over your bathroom sink and floor.

The 18-piece Vacuum Self-Haircut Kit comes with 9 x length-adjusting combs (1.5-25mm), barber scissors, tapering combs, hair clips, a cleaning brush, blade oil, and a storage case.

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