OtoSet Ear Cleaning System

Posted: January 18, 2023
OtoSet Ear Cleaning System
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Ready...OtoSet...Grooooossss! Uh, I mean, Goooo! Clean those ears, little earwax-sucking set of headphones!

Made by SafKan Health, the OtoSet is the first automated ear cleaning system to be approved by the FDA. Its cleaning cycle runs in just 30 seconds, sending an irrigation solution towards the walls of your ear canals to hose down earwax, and then sucking it all back out into disposable containers that look like the housing of over-ear headphones. The containers are, of course, transparent, because who's not gonna want to get a load of all the gnasty yellow and brown buildup that was just in their ears now sitting in a cup outside them?

Don't tell me you wouldn't, dudes. When's the last time you got off the toilet without having a satisfied looksee at your poop? The stuff that comes out of is fascinating, and taking stock of it is cathartic.

Sadly, the Otoset Ear Cleaning System's FDA approval is for use by healthcare professionals in a clinical setting only, so if you want to test it out, you'll have to find an ENT or GP who's sprung for the setup. However, if you want an alternative to the OtoSet, check out the Elephant Ear, an at-home earwax remover that's much lower tech, and kinda janky-looking, but still might bring you some of the same relief, and visual satisfaction, as the OtoSet.

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