Grip Clean Dirt-Infused Heavy Duty Hand Soap

Posted: August 02, 2019
Grip Clean Dirt-Infused Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
$5.99 - $10.95
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Grip Clean heavy duty hand soap goes for the sly marketing technique of claiming it will wash your soiled hands clean of dirt using the power of...dirt. Developed for auto mechanics, fabricators, construction workers, farmers, welders, gardeners, or "simply anyone who gets dirty and needs to get clean," the Grip Clean formula revolves around cosmetic-grade Bentonite clay (i.e., fancy dirt) to serve as a natural pumice and cleanser for your hands. Arms and body too, if you need it.

You can use Grip Clean with or without water (works best with it) to absorb and remove grease, oil, diesel, ink, lead, gasoline, stains, and toxins. The soap is liquid with gritty particles, so it exfoliates as well as cleans. Additional Grip Clean ingredients include coconut and olive oils, both of which degrease and serve as a salve for dry and cracked skin.

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