Eyebrow Razor

Posted: October 13, 2022
Eyebrow Razor
Check It Out

Just a little off the bottom...a little off the top. Bring it in on the left...and the right. There! Check it...Ahhhhh! Mama! I have Hitler eyebrows!

My PSA for today: Eyebrow Razor: Use At Your Own Risk.

This Eyebrow Razor is basically a dermaplaning tool (something that scrapes skin off to exfoliate and, supposedly, make it look better, which sounds even worse than shaving one's eyebrows) you can also use to shape your brows, remove fine facial hairs, and eliminate the dreaded unibrow. Dudes and ladies alike can enjoy its follicular elimination skills.

The razor wand is reusable, and the listing shown here comes with 6 stainless steel blades, each fitted with a micro-guard to help protect your eyebrows from the dreaded shaving cut.

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