Chilly Ghost Pepper Toothpaste

Posted: April 24, 2022
Chilly Ghost Pepper Toothpaste

Do you like big, bold, whack-you-in-the-face flavors...in your toothpaste? Then grab a tube of Chilly and let this ghost pepper and twice-mentholated toothpaste take you from the blistering heat of Death Valley to the blustery cold of the Arctic Circle in a single brushstroke.

Chilly is one-two punch of spicy and icy for dudes and ladies who want their toothbrushing experience to be, well, more of an experience. Chilly makers say, "Every nurdle of Chilly contains hundreds of ghost pepper flakes for just the right amount of fire. It's like arson but without the felony." The ghost pepper pairs with a double dose of the average toothpaste's menthol content, plus a spearmint flavor, to bring an exhilarating battle of extremes to your oral hygiene routine.

In addition to delivering a Tyson-level punch to your teeth and mouth, Chilly Toothpaste provides a natural cleaning, with vegan-friendly ingredients, and the elimination of additives that can damage gums and cause dry-mouth. It contains no SLS, triclosan, sulfates, gluten, parabens, sugar, phthalates and artificial flavors, or colors and dyes. Chilly does contain a pair of whitening minerals, and its spearmint oil, xylitol, and menthol kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

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