Big Big Body Wipes

Posted: April 08, 2015
Big Big Body Wipes
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Big Big Body Wipes are for those who have just taken a giant s...print. Through the mud. Or an enormous d...unk. In slimy water. The supersized wet naps cater to anyone who has messed himself in big, big way. Forget about those paper square singles from the rib shack and back-of-the-toliet dispensers prevalent in households with children and the incontinent. Who wants a wimpy little wipe that barely even covers a wimpy little baby's backside? Big Big Body Wipes are MAN-sized wipes. At a whopping 4' long x 2' wide, they are nearly as large as a bath towel, and packed with a shower's worth of cleanliness and sanitation for times when no shower is handy.

Big Big Body Wipes are sold in packs of 2, and ideal for use in between pickup games and post-pickup game pints, during camping trips, while traveling to locations whose bathing facilities appear to carry a flesh-eating disease, and at summer festivals. One for you, one for the overripe hippy to your left.

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