baKBlade DIY Back Hair Shaver

Posted: January 29, 2016
baKBlade DIY Back Hair Shaver
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baKBlade calls this extra-large razor the Big Mouth because its accompanying app is programmed to ridicule your bushy shoulders and thatches of back hair as soon as you let that wiry jungle get out of control.

Just kidding.

It's a Big Mouth because its giant razor mouth is going to eat up all your excess and undesirable growth quick, easy, and at your own hand. The DIY back hair razor has a 4" wide safety blade and 14" long handle to reach and clean up even the East Jesus portions of your sprouted trunk...and lower if you need it to. Like clippers, baKBlade has designed the Big Mouth for use without shaving cream, but unlike its electric counterpart, the Big Mouth aims for a completely smooth shave, not just a sandpaper trim.

baKBlade compares shaving with a Big Mouth to using a back scratching tool--hold it with the teeth facing your skin and drag it lightly across the overgrown areas. There should be no pulling or discomfort.

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