Freetoo Outdoor Gloves

Posted: June 29, 2016
Freetoo Outdoor Gloves
$12.98 - $21.68
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Men, what can you do with Freetoo's outdoor gloves? An Amazon reviewer says, "I threw several heavy punches at a tree in my yard. And no it didn't feel good on my hand but it didn't damage it at all. If you punch someone in the face then you will not have a problem." So...there are 2 options. Or if punching trees and faces aren't on the top of your hobby list, the high-performance gloves make a tough, trusty companion to riding your motorcycle, riding your bike, hunting, or hiking too.

PC-thickened mat knuckles and palm reinforcement protect against impact and abrasion injuries, while stretch nylon fabric keeps the gloves flexible for use during precision tasks (e.g., shooting) and breathable in hot weather and working conditions. Freetoo sells full- and half-finger versions of their gloves in sizes S through XXL.

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