Flip'em the Bird Gloves

Posted: March 01, 2019
Flip'em the Bird Gloves
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Give a pair of Flip'em the Bird Gloves as a gift for your girlfriend and find out just what a gift that keeps on giving...possibly back to you...can mean. This line of fingerless gloves are made of soft, stretchy acrylic to keep hands warm, and printed with a brightly-colored tweety bird on the money finger to keep informative gestures at the ready. But come on, who could possibly get upset when you flip 'em this bird? He's adorable.

Adorable AF, if we're being true to the spirit of Flip'em the Bird Gloves.

The innocently obscene gloves come in 4 color schemes: silver with a pink bird; navy with a lime bird; pink with a navy bird; and black with a coral bird. My wife, now the proud owner of 3 pairs of Flip'em the Bird Gloves, will likely being giving them all a test run this weekend. Here's hoping anyone who sees her is into birdwatching.

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