Valentine's Day Surprise Scratch-Off Card

Posted: January 05, 2020
Valentine's Day Surprise Scratch-Off Card
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This Valentine's Day Surprise scratch-off card gives me pause. Normally I consider receiving a greeting card the equivalent of receiving a fancy piece of trash, since that's where it's going to end up a day or two later. But if that fancy piece of trash also contains a great and wondrous promise? The promise of a V-Day BJ? Then anyone - everyone! - please send me a Valentine's Day Surprise scratch-off card!

Well, no. Not you, Cornelius.

The special Valentine who receives this card / best gift ever will scratch off their surprise from a 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" piece of heavy card stock. Maker Lost in Lettering leaves the cards blank inside for your own special message, but, I mean why bother? Once your boyfriend / husband / favorite bartender sees the message on the outside I doubt he'll be too concerned about opening the card at all.

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