Tritium Keychains

Posted: December 20, 2012
Tritium Keychains

Two things. One maybe you already know, one probably you don't. 1) Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, and its natural occurrence on earth is extremely rare. However, the dopeness that is humankind can produce tritium in nuclear reactors. 2) The guy who fabricates the ocular feasts that are these tritium keychains goes by the name of iknitsteel. I. Knit. Steel. Can someone give him a prize for coming up with a moniker that is not only thoroughly representative of what he does, but also 1,000 times cooler than 98% of all contemporary rock band and baby names? Imagine Dragons? Addison? Come on.

iknitsteel hand makes all of his keychains, sanding and buffing them to a clear shine to enhance their 23mm tritium vile inner cores. Single colors in the full Roy G Biv spectrum sell for $30, though some may take longer to ship than others, depending on whether or not their maestro currently has the hue in stock. For $75, up the keychain cool factor to a multi-colored block, which contains all 7 glowing permutations of hydrogen.

Tritium keychains' custom nature means that no two are exactly alike, and shapes may not be absolutely perfect. Their exterior shell, though, is guaranteed to be hard and durable--the tritium vial will not break due to normal use. It might break if your ex-girlfriend smashes it with a hammer, along with your flat screen TV and collector's edition album of Kenny Rogers' The Gambler.

Ordering a tritium keychain seems slightly toilsome, as interested parties apparently must first join CPF MarketPlace, and then email iknitsteel with a request for a PayPal address for payment submission. It's almost as many steps as in the olden days when we had to leave our house to buy something. But perhaps worth it, as the keychains' effect is admittedly pretty dazzling.

If anyone else is interested in earning the untouchable product suggestion street cred Manny has, send your ideas our way too via Dude Product Tips.

December 2013 Update: Sadly, we received notice that iknitsteel announced on his Twitter account that he no longer makes the tritium keychains because his tritium dealer got clean and off the streets. Or for whatever reason, he can no longer acquire tritium.

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