The World Giant Coloring Poster

Posted: August 09, 2019
The World Giant Coloring Poster
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Wrap it up as a gift for your kids, and hope this World Giant Coloring Poster is giant enough that their crayons, markers, and colored pencils will stay within the sheet's borders, if not within the lines. At 45.3" long x 31.5" tall, completed World Posters can then deck out a whole wall in the artist's room.

While the adult coloring book phase has passed its prime, those who still take solace in shading will appreciate the detail of this World's design. While continents keep their outlines, the poster replaces country borders with animals, people, and landscapes representative of those regions. The World also holds some built-in games and puzzles, most notably, and strangely, a challenge to see how many baby BabyRoos you can find hidden in the map.

Does the Giant Coloring Poster see kangaroo migration in our future? Another side effect of climate change?

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