The Dad Mask

Posted: April 21, 2020
The Dad Mask

The Dad Mask is laced up and ready to shield against viruses, filter out allergens and dust particles, thwart lawnmower fumes, stave off grill smoke, absorb all grass stains, and enshroud the mug of the man, the myth, the legend in at least, like, 3 pounds of authentic New Balance synthetic uppers.

What are those, the 623v3 Casual Comfort Training Shoes? No? Nonononono? OK, fine. Uh, the 608v5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainers? That's right? Good. Sorry about that, Dad.

Yet another Unnecessary Invention from Crapper Concealer conceiver, Matt Benedetto, The Dad Mask arrives just in time for spring yard work and summer BBQs. Why settle for N95 when you can have NB623v3?

Geez, OK! NB608v5, Dad! NB608v5!

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