The Chewbaccoat

Posted: June 08, 2014
The Chewbaccoat

While it is abundantly clear that this image of naked Princess Leia draped in the hide of Chewbacca is just an illustration, looking at it still stirs up the strangest mix of revulsion and horniness within me. Chewbacca, grotesquely skinned and flattened into a no-longer-walking carpet?! A Chewbaccoat?! Anger and pain seize my heart. It's like Sansa Stark being forced by Joffrey to look at Ned's head on the stake. And this isn't even Game of Thrones pushing the boundaries of HBO! This is supposed to be art! So on the one hand: fail.

But on the other hand...Princess Leia looks hot. Really hot. Like, even as a digital print she looks better than real live Leia and also this human girl dressed as Leia posing on a Wampa rug, which somehow elicits none of the hisses and boos of poor taste from me that the Chewbaccoat does. That said, a word of advice to Leia herself: do not give this portrait to Han for Valentine's Day. No matter how rock hard and sultry its depiction of your abs is.

The sexy affront to Wookiees...and pretty much the entire Star Wars narrative...is available as a men's or women's T-Shirt, a mobile phone case, or a Giclee print on 100% cotton rag in sizes ranging from 8" x 10" to 24" x 36".

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