Tempest Craft Blades & Sculptures

Posted: April 08, 2016
Tempest Craft Blades & Sculptures

Need a sick rippled machete that embodies the Aztec goddess of obsidian and Lord of the Night? An Indo-Persian war axe? How about just a good ol' pair of ceremonial scissors? Bladesmith Tom Ward forges some of the most elegant and inspired blades and handles mine eyes have seen. They are all one of a kind, all pieces he's made by request or for himself. But don't worry, he'll make you one too. Browse the possibilities on his Tempest Craft blog, and send him an email. I'm sure they don't come cheap, but they do come by commission.

Ward uses pattern welding, forging, and casting to "bring ancient objects into a contemporary and tangible setting." And from his swords and axes to his pocket and kitchen knives, all Tempest Craft objects are functional.

The featured image shows, from top to bottom, one of Ward's chef's knives, Itzpapalotl's Fang (the previously mentioned Aztec goddess), and a tomahawk. Some of his more cosplay-worthy works include Gaul's Bane, a 26" blade with 6 cores of twisted pattern welded steel and a walnut and bronze hilt and scabbard, and the Elven Fighting Axe, 22" of curly ash and 15n20 / 1095 10-core pattern welded steel.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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