SpellBrite Portable Modular LED Letters

Posted: April 07, 2015
SpellBrite Portable Interlocking LED Letters
$63 - $549
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Need some help marking your territory? Cheering on your favorite team? Welcoming the neighbor's Swedish au pair you kindly volunteered to pick up from the airport? SpellBrite incorporates the brightness, flash, and impact of neon signs into the flexibility of the print medium with its modular LED letters and symbols--pieces the interlock and interchange to turn any name or personal message into an illuminated, and optionally portable sign.

The complete SpellBrite LED signage system consists of 44 "click-together" modules, including letters, numbers, and special characters (e.g., exclamation point, hyphen, apostrophe, etc.) Like neon, they make a statement with a radiant glow, but unlike their sister light source, the SpellBrite LEDs do not carry the risks, complexity, or high price points of custom glass tube neon designs. They are made for handling, transport, and, should your loyalties shift, changing a "Go Yankees" sign into one that shines "Go Red Sox" in a matter of minutes.

While SpellBrite signs look heavy and unwieldy, both the company and an ecstatic 5-year-old who thinks his dad rocks report that a typical 10-character sign weighs less than 3 pounds, and is very easy to manipulate.

SpellBrite seeks Kickstarter crowdfunding through May 21, 2015 to help the company fund its SpellBrite battery pack. Currently, SpellBrite buyers have their LED signs and messages mounted to a wall or otherwise situated for power from an electrical outlet. The battery pack will increase SpellBrite portability. Kickstarter backers can choose from a variety of pledge levels based on the number and types of LED modules they want.

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