Sound-Activated EL Wire Bra

Posted: March 29, 2013
Sound-Activated EL Wire Bra
$59.97 - $109.97
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Leave no sense unturned with these sound-activated neon EL bras. Except maybe taste. And smell. Revision: leave none of the important senses unturned with these sound-activated neon EL bras. Their battery-operated wire designs can illuminate continuously as solids, or be set to react to music, blinking along to the beat of the rhythm of the house. Sight, check. Sound, check. Touch...if you're slick, and if you're lucky.

Bras come in 3 patterns: Hypnotize, Wavy, and Squiggle, all handcrafted by professional seamstress Neon Nancy. Huh. If someone introduced herself to me as Neon Nancy and asked what I thought she did for a living, I'm not sure seamstress would be the first thing that came to mind.

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