Sharkini Swimsuit

Posted: July 23, 2013
Sharkini Swimsuit

Sharks are scary. Girls are scary. Gaaahhh! It's the worst hybrid ever! To all Dude Facebook readers who expressed sentiments of peeved off at our posting of a Sharkini photo without information about where to throw wads of money in exchange for one, here is both your wearable shark attack and the crucial details on how to make its glistening toothy action your own.

Bad Aby Designs custom stitches each piece of Jaws swimwear to order. Suits are embellished with leatherette teeth trim, a one-shoulder chain strap, and sewn-in molded foam bust cups. Speaking of which, ladies, you know what provides enhancement and support far superior to molded foam bust cups? My hands. I'd consider using them instead. Custom Sharkini options include strap and padding variations, the latter presumably for those with larger chests and/or those smart enough to take my advice. Although not explicitly stated, probably if you throw in another $50, Bad Aby would add some blood stains and maybe a severed ear dangling from one of the suit's teeth too.

At printing, Sharkini turnaround time was 2 to 3 weeks.

Muchas danke to Eddie T. for posting more information and the purchase link on the Dude Facebook page.

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