Reversible Sequin Mermaid Pillows

Posted: July 13, 2017
Reversible Sequin Mermaid Pillows
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These reversible sequin Mermaid Pillows are like a tactile Etch-A-Sketch made from a drag queen's donations to Goodwill! They're covered in two-sided, two-toned sequins that flip when you run your hands and fingers along them. Mesmerize yourself creating shiny purple patches in blue and gold ripples in black, or focus your efforts on drawing deliberate designs and messages on the pillow's surface.

The Mermaid Pillow listing here includes a pillow insert, and overall dimensions are 16" x 16". Choose from 10 different color combinations.

Hint to divorced dads: fancy sequin Mermaid Pillows will be a glittering hit as a gift for your daughter (age 8), gift for your girlfriend (age 28), and decoration for your next EDM house soiree (one for the ages). Because who says getting bled dry by your ex's lawyer should stop you from reclaiming your life as equal parts player, parent, and partier like a rock star? No one, that's who!

At least according to Parker, the freshly divorced (and freshly drunk) dad sitting next to me at Slim's Last Chance Saloon last night.

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