New Year's Resolution Mugshot Signs

Posted: December 24, 2015
New Year's Resolution Mugshot Cards
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The only thing I like less than photo booths with whimsical props is New Year's Resolutions. But these New Year's Resolution Mugshot photo / selfie signs for your NYE party do have one redeeming quality: they call it like it is. Photo booths make you feel like a prisoner of your girlfriend's incessant need to record every moment of forced fun for posting to Instagram, and New Year's Resolutions make you feel like a prisoner of your own poor choices in life to this point, plus a prisoner of your promise to fix them from here on out. So Happy 2016.

Mugshot signs come in packs of 20, each with a blank space for writing your resolution and one of 10 fun-loving follow-ups to the statement, such as "#YOLO," "Won't last a week," and "Challenge accepted."

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