Mini Titanium Katana with Tritium Insert

Posted: February 22, 2017
Mini Titanium Katana with Tritium Insert
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Just as the Bride conquered O-Ren Ishii with a Hattori Hanzo katana, Metal Worn has conquered the ultimate gift for a geek with their Ti-Katana, a miniature titanium katana sword whose tsuka contains a tritium vial insert.

The Ti-Katana isn't a multi-tool, and likely won't be your most functional piece of EDC, but it does come with a lanyard if you want to wear it around your neck to spruce up your ID card region, and I'd imagine you can figure out a way to wield the sword as a keychain. Metal Worn will also sharpen the edge of the Ti-Katana before shipping upon request, in which case you could probably use it to open packages and cut off loose threads, but will also probably need to find somewhere to store it other than around your neck or in your pocket within stabbing distance of your junk.

The katana portion of the piece is made from pure titanium and measure 3-1/4" long. The tritium insert is include with purchase, and comes in green.

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