Hate Mail Anti-Greeting Cards

Posted: August 20, 2016
Hatemail Anti-Greeting Cards
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Hatemail won't just print you the perfect card for your ex / arch nemesis, they'll mail it for you. With a personalized, custom message. 100% anonymously. If you like.

Oh, I like.

One "Wish You Were Here" printed over the fangs and gaping cartilaginous abyss of Jaws for the land-dwelling sea monster that is my ex-girlfriend, Karen, please!

The LA-based anti-greeting card company has a couple dozen doozies--including one doodie, an "I Heart You" spelled out in poo--revenge-seekers, pranksters, and those whose recipients have a terrific sense of humor can choose from. Upon placing your order, Hate Mail will ask if you want the card sent to you or to the lucky bastard who deserves it, and what message you want inside. Stock message options include "Happy Fucking Birthday!" "Fuck You," "Thanks For Nothing #BiggestRegret," "You're a Cunt," and "Eat A Dick!"

Custom messages between 200 and 500 characters are left up your heart's most lewd, cutting, or seething desires.

Hate Mail cards are printed on recycled cardstock.

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