Hanging Geometric Coat Rack

Posted: August 30, 2014
Hanging Geometric Coat Rack
$420 - $1,200
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Rene Siebum made a Garderobe. That's Dutch for Wardrobe. Though in this case the designer's grid of hexagons that manually flip outward to hold hoodies, hats, and other bodily fixin's looks more like our definition of a coat rack. Wall-mounted and made of mahogany, it's definitely one of the most modern, attractive, and mathematically astute coat racks I've ever seen too.

Siebum's self-proclaimed exploration of the "dynamics in geometry" comes in 3 sizes, all consisting of columns of wood hexagons that spin on a vertical axis. When protruding from the hanging Wardrobe, each shape's center notched can be used to hold clothing, accessories, or other hangable personal effects in need of a place to be put down.

Small Wardrobes measure 14.8" long x 19.7" high x 2.2" deep. Medium and Large pieces have the same height and depth dimensions, but the former is 29.5" long and the latter 59" long.

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